Keynote Speaker – Caroline V. Rudzinski

Keynote Speaker EPPM 2021 Caroline V. Rudzinski Prof. Dr. Caroline V. Rudzinski is a Professor for Strategic Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Her fields of expertise are Foresight, Innovation and Strategy. As a futurist her research is focusing to combine foresight insights with innovation tools (e.g. Open Innovation, Design Thinking) with the aim to gain strategic insights. She focuses on the question: How can one decide smarter and sustainable, especially concerning future issues, characterized by a high insecurity?

She worked for serval years in the industry, as a consulter and manager, implementing and further elaborating the foresight approach in various practical ways. For more than nine years she worked for the Volkswagen Group, inter alia at the Future Affairs department of the Volkswagen Research Group, identifing early recognitions of social trends, decoding behavior patterns of customers in society of the future, incorporating from movements in architecture, fashion, design or lifestyle. Furthermore, Caroline also worked at the Corporate Strategy Department for the brand Volkswagen, setting up the new strategy “Transform 2025+”.

Caroline holds lectures at different universities and gives speeches on international events. She wrote her Ph.D. about “Open Strategy”, studied Economic Science at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany) and did her Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics at the University of Stockholm (Sweden).